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Firelands Challenge


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Edison Widens Lead in Firelands Challenge

In Friday’s championship match, Edison’s Firelands Challenge team was asked to identify a word closest in meaning to “saturnine”.  It answered “gloomy,” which was correct but did not describe Edison’s feelings after the match.  A very happy team left Willard High School with a victory and a solid lead in the Championship Round.

Edison jumped out to an early lead over the Huron and Willard teams by correctly answering a question in each of the first four categories and adding two bonus points as well.  Edison went on to sweep the World History category while answering its Mathematics question and picking up an additional two bonus points.

By the halfway point in the match Edison High School led with 32 points to 16 for Willard and 5 for Huron.

Both Huron and Willard picked up the pace in the second half of the match.  Willard earned 23 points and Huron earned 17 points.  However, Edison padded its lead by scoring 31 points.  All three teams took a question in the optional Team Choice category and all three teams correctly answered the question selected. 

The eventual champion will be determined on Wednesday, February 5 with a final match at Edison.  The winner is based upon the cumulative points earned in all three matches.

The results of the first two matches and the cumulative scores are:

                                Match I                 Match II               Cumulative

Edison                     52                           63                            115

Willard                    33                           39                              72

Huron                     42                           22                              64

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