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North Point Educational Service Center



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Core Programs

North Point Educational Service Center is driven by two (2) objectives:  to improve student achievement and to facilitate school performance. To achieve these, the Center is organized around four (4) core programs and a host of related auxiliary services.

North Point's core offerings Specialized Instruction and Pupil Support, Student Achievement and School Performance, Early Learners and Literacy Assistance, and Leadership and Organizational Support. These programs address a variety of learner and district needs, thereby facilitating student achievement and district performance.are:

Specialized Instruction and Pupil Support

Some people refer to this as Special Education, however the simple reference does not do the program justice. Specialized Instruction and Pupil Support embrace the belief "that all children can learn given proper instruction" and "that society can not turn its back to any child." The program consists of a combination of direct services and technical assistance which promotes student achievement and facilitates learning. Through this offering, students receive specialized quality instruction that helps them realize their potential and schools receive assistance that helps them meet the unique needs of some of their learners.

Specialized Instruction and Pupil Support encompasses: Multiple Disabilities Instruction, Emotionally Disturbed Instruction, Juvenile Justice Instruction, Alternative Education Program, Hearing Handicapped Instruction, Transition/Work Study Options and Parent Mentor Assistance. In addition, the Center offers: Speech Therapy, Interpreter Services, Nursing Services, Occupational Therapy, Adaptive Physical Education, Focused Monitoring Support, Extended School Year Services, Physical Therapy, Psychological Services, Manifestation Reviews, Behavior Intervention Planning, Behavioral Assessments, Surrogate Parent Training, Screening/Identification Services, Counseling Services, and Specialized Workshops and In-District training.

Student Achievement and School Performance

It is no secret that our world is changing. In the past, students competed with their peers in other towns or sections of the state. Today, students compete with students in other parts of the world. Student Achievement and School Performance strives to ensure that each building and district in our service region offers high quality education that will enable graduates to compete in the new global economy. Assistance is formatted into technical help, resource leveraging and direct services. Through this component, schools and districts receive help in addressing content standards, improving instructional strategies, interpreting data, upgrading curriculums and refining assessment techniques. The goal of this component is to help facilitate a "world class education" for students in our region.

Student Achievement and School Performance encompasses: School Improvement Assistance, Specialized Workshops, Effective Practices, Accelerated Learner Instruction, Academic Competitions, Enrichment Programs, Data Interpretation, Grant Writing Assistance, Continuous Improvement Planning, Curriculum Development, Administrative Consultation, Summer School Offerings, Consortium Projects and Professional Development Coordination.

Early Learners and Literacy

Research has shown time and again, the importance of early learning opportunities and their impact on future achievement.Early Learners and Literacy seeks to provide young learners quality instruction that will enable them to enter school ready to achieve and succeed. The program embraces the belief that "all children can learn" and "that each child has a unique learning style". Our program seeks to connect students to learning. We do so through direct services and technical assistance that are focused towards meeting the needs of the whole child and fostering each student's cognitive, social, emotional and motor development.

Early Learner and Literacy encompasses: Preschool Instruction, Screening Services, Special Needs Instruction, Itinerant Programs, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Parent Assistance, Physical Therapy, Administrative Consultation, Rules Interpretation, Specialized Workshops, In-district Training, Data Collection, Psychological Services, Transition Planning, Curriculum Modification, Technology and Augmentative Device Support and Community Resource Assistance.

Leadership and Organization Support

The strength of any organization is its people - the individuals charged with "getting things done" and "moving things forward". The Center has created a number of programs and initiatives to facilitate district operations and school needs. Leadership and Organizational Support helps area school systems by providing solutions that will make a difference in their operations. Through this core service, districts receive answers to questions, gain an understanding of new rules, are able to work together in consortia, participate in cost effective purchasing, identify prospective employees, coordinate common activities, engage in collaborative dialogues around educational issues, and facilitate the development of educational leaders.

Leadership and Organizational Support encompasses: School Leadership Consultation, Consortium Projects, Unified Purchasing, Grant Administration, Technical Assistance, Graphics Media Services, Attendance Services, Court Liaisons, BCI/FBI Checks, Administrative Leadership, Workshops, E-Learning Options, Specialized Workshops, Executive Searches, Certification Consultation, First Year Administrator Programs, Entry-Year Assistance, In-District Training, Processing Home Schooling Applications, Board Relations, Public Relations Assistance, and Policy Development Assistance.

Programs: Early Childhood, ED, and MD
Services: Therapy, Gifted, Psychological, Technology IntegrationCompass Academy, and Finger Printing