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Nine-to-Five Students Honored


Ottawa County high school students were recognized May 3 at the Twenty-fifth Annual Nine-to-Five Breakfast held at the Mon Ami Restaurant in Port Clinton.  The purpose behind this breakfast is to recognize "improvement" in students in attitude, attendance, academics, or overall school performance.  One student is selected from each grade (10, 11, 12) at each high school in Ottawa County.  Grade 9 is not included because those students are just establishing themselves in high school.  Students are selected based upon their performance from September (ninth month) to May (fifth month) and by nominations from faculty in their respective high school.  Students are also asked to select a person who has had a significant impact in their life which contributed to their performance.

Douglas Crooks, Superintendent for North Point Educational Service Center, Judge Kathleen Giesler, Juvenile and Probate Courts, and Commissioners Mark Coppeler and Mark Stahl recognized each student on their persistence and attitude in setting and maintaining personal goals for the year.  High school principals recognized each student's efforts by presenting a certificate of achievement.  Significant persons (selected by each student) who contributed to the student's improvement were also presented certificates.  The Ottawa County Cabinet of Superintendents (Guy Parmigian, Benton-Carroll-Salem Local; Cari Buehler, Danbury Local; Michael Ferguson, Genoa Area Local; Chad Coffman, Lakota Local; Patrick Adkins, Port Clinton City) Steven Poe, Put-in-Bay; and Timothy Rettig, Woodmore Local commended the students on their outstanding effort and their "significant persons" for the impact they have had on the student's life by "being there" in time of needed support.  Invited guests and administrators were impressed by the verbal commendations of the students to their selected individuals.


Recognized were the following:  


             School                     Grade            Honored Student                    significant person

Genoa Area High School           10             Aiden Ryan Pursel                  Rachel/Bobby Pursel

                                                    11             Julie Ann Robel                      Lisa Foos

                                                    12             Trance Michael Vanliere        Dave “Smiley” Vanliere

Danbury High School                10             Caleb Gene Patrick                 Ken Berger

                                                    11             Kieley Jeanne Lebowsky        Jane Letterhos

                                                    12             Macey Anne Krecic                Candee Hurt

Oak Harbor High School           10             Devon Richard Ontko             Amanda Fox

                                                    11             Ronald Patrick Gonzalez        Scott Schulte

                                                    12             Ronald Phillip Hornyak, Jr.    Susan Hany

Port Clinton High School           10             Colton James Eber                  Greg Eber

                                                    11             Roy Jack Cooper, Jr.               Lori Scalf

                                                    12             Christian Otis-Ray Silva         Tony Janson

Lakota High School                     9             Dallas Pierce Dauterman        Seth Dauterman

                                                    10             Eva Lynn McGinnis                Angela McGinnis

                                                    12             Aliza Dawn Dauterman          Aaron Hesnley

Put-in-Bay School                      11             Morgan Rebecca Stacy           Andrea Hoerig

Woodmore High School            10             Caroline Idella-Lynn Burke    Kristina Curtis

                                                    11             Emma Lee Frisch                    Tim Eriksen


The event is sponsored by North Point Educational Service Center and supported by the Ottawa County Cabinet of Superintendents and numerous Ottawa County
businesses/private individuals.


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