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Firelands Challenge


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Firelands Challenge Placements Settled

Huron Takes Second; St. Paul Third

With the final placements in the Firelands Challenge competition on the line, the Huron and St. Paul teams appealed responses they gave in the final match on Wednesday.  The appeals were reviewed and the scores did change.

The Firelands Challenge program allows teams to file appeals for answers they believe were given correctly, but that were not included on the moderator’s question sheet.  An appeals board then reviews the appeals and advises as to what points may have been earned.

St. Paul's appeal of its response to the Government question involving the Gideon v. Wainwright case was granted.  Its answer of Amendment VI was correct.  The amendment addresses the right to counsel.  St. Paul picked up 4 points; Edison’s bonus attempt was canceled and it lost 1 point.

Huron’s appeal of its response to a Harry Potter question about the character Hagrid's wand was granted.  The scene involved was cited in the book.  Huron picked up 5 points (the earlier penalty points were cancelled and three bonus points were granted).  Edison’s penalty points for its answer were also cancelled as Huron had answered the question first.  

Huron's appeal of its response to a Physical Science question was also granted.  The question was not specific as to whether the answer was to be stated in radical form or to use significant figures.  Huron picked up 1 point for this bonus attempt.

As a result of these appeals the final scores for the Championship were changed.  The final scores for the match were:  Edison 49, Huron 41, and St. Paul 34.  The cumulative scores were:  Edison 151, Huron 113, and St. Paul 109.  

William Muthig, program coordinator commented, “Kudos go to both the St. Paul team and the Huron team for staying focused and answering questions throughout the competition.  Both teams were correct on their appeals.  It has been a very interesting Championship Round right to the very end.” 

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