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Ottawa County Fair School Art Exhibit

Ottawa County Fair School Art Exhibit ribbons for 2018 were awarded to the following students.  Their artwork will be displayed at the Ottawa County Fair in the Exhibition Barn from June 16th through June 21st.  This event is coordinated through North Point Educational Service Center, with the support of the Ottawa County Cabinet of Superintendents (Mr. Guy Parmigian, Benton-Carroll-Salem Local; Mr. Daniel Parent, Danbury Local;  Mr. Michael Ferguson, Genoa Area Local; Mr. Patrick Adkins, Port Clinton City;  Mr. Steven Poe, Put-in-Bay Local; and Mr. Tim Rettig, Woodmore Local).   



Kayla Bell—Grade 4

Genoa—Middle School
Victoria Leu—Grade 8

Woodmore—High School
Samantha Greenhill—Gr. 12


R. C. Waters Elementary

1st Place—Cailin Randolph, Gr. 2

2nd Place—Aubrey Bercaw, Gr. 3

3rd Place—Maggie Everage, Gr. 1

Oak Harbor Middle School

1st Place—Adaline Warren, Gr. 4

2nd Place—Levi Snodgrass, Gr. 5

3rd Place—Mya Wright, Gr. 5

Oak Harbor High School

1st Place—Emma Wendt, Gr. 9

2nd Place—Mia Arias, Gr. 9

3rd Place—Aidan Callahan, Gr. 12

Danbury Elementary School

1st Place—Kayla Bell, Gr. 4

2nd Place—Jillian Bergman, Gr. 1

3rd Place—Carlee Pelfrey, Gr. K

Danbury Middle School

1st Place—Sarah Bevan, Gr. 5

2nd Place—Willow Stys, Gr. 6

3rd Place—Emma McCarthy, Gr. 5

Genoa Elementary

1st Place—Alexander Spencer, Gr. 5

2nd Place—Tegan Jackson, Gr. 3

3rd Place—Karissa Romaker, Gr. 2

Genoa Middle School

1st Place—Victoria Leu, Gr. 8

2nd Place—Sophia Martorara, Gr. 8

3rd Place—Reanna Habel, Gr. 8

Community Christian Academy

1st Place—Aubree Barnes, Gr. 3

2nd Place—Carlos Garduno, Gr. 1

3rd Place—Hailey Koppinger, Gr. 2

Immaculate Conception

1st Place—Calleigh Fought, Gr. 1

2nd Place—Landon Leis, Gr. 2

3rd Place—Dean Erwin, Gr. 5

Bataan Memorial Primary

1st Place—Oscar Vega Aegueda, Gr. 2

2nd Place—Payton Wadsworth, Gr. 2

3rd Place—Lacey Shiffert, Gr. K

Bataan Memorial Intermediate

1st Place—Gavin Covey, Gr. 3

2nd Place—Jeremy Cook, Gr. 5

3rd Place—Gabriella Heilmann, Gr. 4

Port Clinton Middle School

1st Place—Alyssa Recker, Gr. 8

2nd Place—Austin Helton, Gr. 8

3rd Place—Olivia Eickert, Gr. 8

Port Clinton High School

1st Place—Tiffany Strobel, Gr. 11

2nd Place—Elena Kessler, Gr. 10

3rd Place—Alley Helton, Gr. 11

Woodmore Elementary School

1st Place—Noelle Webb, Gr. 2

2nd Place—Rebekah Wauford, Gr. 1

3rd Place—Ava Cook, Gr. 5

Woodmore Middle School

1st Place—Ty Strickland, Gr. 7

2nd Place—Cadence Gray, Gr. 7

3rd Place—Ty Strickland, Gr. 7

Woodmore High School

1st Place—Samantha Greenhill, Gr. 12

2nd Place—Emma Frisch, Gr. 10

3rd Place—Ethan Davis, Gr. 11



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